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Trust A Firm With Over Three Decades Of Experience

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, the results can range from daily inconvenience and pain to catastrophic, life-altering injuries or even death. Injured victims throughout Georgia carry a heavy burden, but The Kaplan Firm, P.C., is here to lighten the load. Our legal system allows injured victims to be compensated and negligent parties to be held financially liable.

An Attorney With A Unique Perspective

In order to fight for your rights and obtain compensation, it is critical to partner with an attorney whose approach, experience and knowledge you can trust. Personal injury cases can be long, difficult and life-changing – they are not to be taken lightly. Our founding attorney, Brad C. Kaplan, has a broad knowledge of the medical field. This gives him a unique advantage when handling your personal injury or auto accident case. To read more about his qualifications, click on his biography link below:

We understand the gravity of our clients’ circumstances after an injury or death caused by another. It is this knowledge that forms the bedrock of our approach: one where we devote maximum attention to our clients by limiting the number of cases we take rather building a large caseload. Our philosophy includes these principles:

  • Preparation – From car and truck accidents to the most complex medical malpractice, premises security or products liability cases, we spare no time, effort or expense in conducting a thorough and exhaustive investigation, discovery and research. We are prepared to pursue litigation if necessary.
  • Compassion – We have worked on hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases and understand the life-changing effects of the injuries suffered by our clients. We focus on a small caseload.
  • Aggressiveness – We prepare every case as though it is going to trial. It is this approach that has helped us obtain more than $230 million in verdicts and personal injury settlements for clients.

We are comfortable in the courtroom and will not settle a case unless we believe it is reasonable and in our clients’ best interest. We always try to look out for your best interest.

To Discuss Your Case, Call Today

We always work on a contingency fee basis and never charge for fees or expenses unless we obtain compensation for our clients. To discuss any aspect of your personal injury case in a free initial consultation, call 770-648-4068 or email us here.