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Dogs and extracurricular sports: Get the dog off the field

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Personal injury |

The fall is a great time for sporting events and activities. Many times, people come with their whole families to support their children. Among those that they bring are their pets.

Some outdoor sports, particularly sports like soccer or baseball, are set up in public places where animals are welcome. Bringing a dog to the game might be a great boost for the team, but that action can also increase the risk of a biting incident. A dog that gets off its lead might try to chase the baseball and take it from someone on the field. It might knock over someone or bite when it tries to get into the middle of a midgame scuffle. For that reason, it’s usually a good idea to leave your pets at home when you’re going to the game.

What if your child, or you, are bitten by someone else’s dog?

If you or your child are bitten by someone’s dog that was brought to the stands or field, it’s important to get emergency medical care by calling 911 and having the ambulance come to the scene. The dog should be restrained again, assuming it is still present. Talk to the owners and get the vaccination paperwork that you need. If the dog is not vaccinated, then you or your child may need additional treatments when you seek medical care.

After this, you may want to speak with an attorney about holding the owner of that dog responsible for your medical care. Pets should always be on leashes when they’re in public, and if they are not controlled, then the owner can be held responsible for their actions.