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Even prestige automakers can wind up recalling vehicles

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Personal injury |

We generally believe that if we pay more for something, we get a higher-quality product. That kind of price prestige applies to purchasing decisions related to automobiles.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get what you pay for. Many times, the extra price is a reflection of clever branding and market manipulation rather than the actual costs associated with the production or design of the vehicle.

Just as with cheaper vehicles, imports and prestige brands can be subject to recalls for significant design issues or defective components.

Land Rover and Cadillac have both issued recalls this month

As safety standards for vehicles have improved, manufacturers have found themselves forced to issue recalls for products that could potentially fail and lead to injury. There have been millions of cars recalled because of defective airbag components and countless other problems that could cause a crash or other dangerous incident or that might not protect people in a crash as they should.

Now both Cadillac and Land Rover have recalled tens of thousands of their vehicles. The Cadillac recall involves more than 14,000 units of multiple popular vehicles, including the Escalade and several Chevrolet-brand vehicles, like the Yukon, Tahoe and Silverado. There is an issue with a mechanical vacuum pump that could impact braking.

The Land Rover recall involves 2010/2011 Range Rover Sport vehicles whose rear spoiler could unexpectedly detach from the vehicle. This recall affects almost 22,000 vehicles.

Anyone who suffers serious injuries in a crash caused by a defective vehicle component or those who lose a loved one may have grounds to hold the manufacturer responsible for the losses they’ve suffered due to a poorly-designed or manufactured product.