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Fall presents special hazards to both pedestrians and drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Personal injury |

Autumn in Atlanta can indeed be a very lovely season. The intense heat of the summer gives way to cool fall breezes that are perfect for enjoying some Falcon football while grilling brats in the back yard. But it also can be a hazardous time for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Many people who have spent the hot and humid summer indoors with the air conditioning blasting emerge in fall to take walks and get a bit of exercise is the crisp autumn air. But the falling leaves can mask trip-and-fall hazards hidden beneath piles of leaves, like:

  • Uneven pavements
  • Holes in the ground
  • Slick patches of mud or rotted plant material
  • Missing curbs or loose steps

It is very easy for a pedestrian out for a stroll to take a tumble and suffer some serious injuries that can require extensive medical treatment to repair.

Drivers, too, are not exempt from the special hazards that fall can produce. The end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) means that darkness falls earlier. That can put the setting sun on drivers’ horizons — and right into their eyes — as the head for home at the end of the workday. It can be challenging to read the signal lights and determine when a traffic light has changed from green to red.

The shorter days also mean that some schoolchildren may still be making their way home from athletic practices and other extracurricular activities after sunset. Motorists should be on the lookout for all pedestrians crossing streets or walking along the shoulders of roads without sidewalks.

If you fall on another person’s property due to debris or hazards that they knew or should have known posed a danger, or if you get injured by an at-fault driver, understanding your right to seek compensation is key to financial recovery. Make sure that you have the appropriate legal assistance by your side to keep the process fair.