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Is your apartment’s security as good as it should be?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Personal injury |

By living in an apartment, you give over some control of your security to your landlord. You may rent just one apartment, but they’re responsible for the security of the building. If they’re negligent and lax in that duty, you’re the one who is at risk if a crime takes place. 

The lack of simple security devices can put apartment dwellers in danger

One of the most common issues is when you just don’t have all of the security devices you should have. Maybe you just have a handle lock on the door, not a deadbolt. Maybe some of your windows are missing latches or locks. Perhaps you have a chain lock on the door, but the landlord attached it to the trim, so it’s not really going to keep anyone out. 

Security cameras are a useful crime deterrent — but not all apartments have them

In the modern era, you also want to think about security cameras, which can often deter crime. If your apartment building has no cameras, how safe are you? If those cameras are broken or malfunctioning, does it put you at risk?

For instance, maybe your landlord installed a battery-powered doorbell. It should alert you if anyone shows up and allow you to see them without opening the door. But the battery may only last for six months. If it never gets recharged or replaced and so you have to open the door for everyone, that increases your risk. 

Seeking compensation for injuries caused by negligent security is your right

If you get injured due to this lack of security, you may have a right to financial compensation. Landlords can’t be expected to stop all criminal activity, but they also can’t be negligent in their efforts.