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If a property owner warned you of danger, can you still file a claim over an injury?

| Feb 12, 2021 | Personal injury |

When there’s danger around an area, property owners often try to put up a sign or give other warnings to anybody who may be on the premises. Unfortunately, warnings and signs aren’t always effective. Someone may deface them, the elements may damage them, they may fall, or you may just not notice a sign that isn’t in your line of vision.

You should know what recourses are available to you if you miss a hazard warning and suffer injuries as a result. 

A property owner’s obligation to your safety

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their property is reasonably safe for guests and invitees. They may even owe an obligation to trespassers if the danger on their property isn’t something one might naturally expect in the area. Signs, warnings, gates and locks are often necessary. 

When you overlook a warning or sign

There are times when a sign simply isn’t enough. For example, a “Do Not Enter” sign may not be enough to keep a curious child away from a dangerous pool or construction materials. A “Wet Floor” sign isn’t much use if it’s angled away from your view or doesn’t warn people coming in both directions of the hazards.

If there was a warning sign or you were verbally warned about a danger on someone’s property, you may have a more difficult time pursuing a personal injury claim — but it isn’t impossible.

In some cases, the warning may even work in your favor. For example, “Beware of Dog” signs could show that the owner was aware that their dog was vicious and likely to attack — and an indication they should have taken stronger measures to protect visitors and guests.

Do you have a valid premises liability claim?

Proving negligence in most Atlanta personal injury cases can be challenging in failure to warn cases like the ones described above. A personal injury attorney will want to learn more about what happened leading up to your accident before advising you of your rights to file suit under Georgia law.