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Security needs can change over time: Your landlord needs to be responsive

| Apr 8, 2021 | Personal injury |

When you rent an apartment, your landlord has an obligation to keep the premises reasonably safe for both residents and visitors. Unfortunately, what may have been a fairly safe neighborhood a year or more ago when you moved in could now be quite dangerous.

Things change, and landlords need to be responsive to increasing security concerns.

Atlanta is in the midst of a crime wave

Toward the end of 2020, records indicate that Atlanta — like many other major cities — was having a crime wave. Depending on where you were  in the city, the murder rate could have risen between 33% and 79% over the previous year. Aggravated assaults, too, were on the rise from 12% to 27%.

Altogether, that indicates that the city is much less safe than before — and residents and landlords alike need to be wary.

What responsive security efforts might look like

Landlords can mitigate the risks to their tenants and visitors by being proactive about increasing security whenever it’s necessary. That might include things like:

  • Adding new locks on the doors to buildings that require passcodes
  • Putting new security officers on patrol or adding to existing security patrols
  • Putting up fencing or gates around areas to keep strangers out
  • Adding more lights to the buildings, stairwells, common areas and parking lots

Essentially, when the news is broadcasting increasing crime rates throughout an area, it’s a landlord’s obligation to amp up security to try to keep their properties (and everyone in them) reasonably safe.

If a landlord failed to act responsibly to the increasing crime problem in your area and you or your loved one were injured, you may have a valid premises liability claim for negligent security. An attorney can help you learn more.