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Kia owners may need to park cars outside due to major fire risk

| May 21, 2021 | Personal injury |

If you were to believe what they show in movies and on television, you might think that car fires happen whenever there’s a crash. While there can sometimes be fires that result from collisions, vehicle fires can also be the result of spilled chemicals, improper maintenance or poor vehicle design.

Unfortunately for those who own certain Kia models that have already been part of one recall, their car could catch on fire seemingly spontaneously, even when the owner parks it and turns it off.

What Kia models are part of this new recall?

After already issuing one recall for the same issue, Kia has had to double down with a second recall involving more than 440,000 vehicles. Their engines are at risk of catching fire even when the vehicle is not operating. The company will make repairs to affected vehicles and currently recommends that those who drive models that could feature these defects park their vehicles outside. 

If you own a Kia Optima sedan manufactured between 2013 and 2015 or a Kia Sorento SUV made between 2014 and 2015, your vehicle could be affected. The issue has to do with brake fluid leaks that can affect a computer and cause shorts. This new recall will involve the installation of a new fuse and possibly the replacement of the computer if it has suffered any damage. 

Recalls give manufacturers an opportunity to correct defective products, but they can’t undo the harm caused to people when the product fails. Consumers hurt by defective products and those who suffered extensive property damage, like a house fire, may have grounds to bring any product liability lawsuits against the manufacturer.

What should you do if you’re injured by a defective vehicle?

When injuries are caused by defective products, it may be possible to hold the manufacturer accountable. Talk to an attorney today about your options.