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How safe are the businesses where you shop, eat and recreate?

| Jun 3, 2021 | Personal injury |

While injuries can happen anywhere at any time, Atlanta residents have the right to feel secure while at the businesses they frequent for shopping, meals and recreational activities. 

We live in a country where increased video surveillance from governmental authorities, businesses and private residences has become the rule and not the exception. The problem is that those cameras can only record the violence or other criminal activity and not prevent it from occurring. So, just how safe are you really?

The role of businesses and security

When a business owner hangs out their shingle, they assume a certain liability for the safety of their customers who do business or receive services on the property. Everything from a shaky set of steps without handrails to allowing loitering or drinking alcoholic beverages in the parking lot could open that company up to allegations of premises liability due to their negligence.

The legal basis for the above is that the company or business owner or management did not uphold their “duty of care” to keep their premises safe and minimize the opportunity for injuries to occur.

What does this mean in real life?

For instance, maybe you stopped to pick up a gallon of milk on your way home from work. The store you patronized is in an area of town where there is a higher-than-normal crime rate. As you walk back to your car in their parking lot, you are robbed at gunpoint. Is the store at fault?

It could be argued that they do bear liability, at least in part, for your being robbed and the injuries you may have suffered. The store owner knew or should have known that the high-crime location attracted nefarious characters who could potentially harm their customers. Hiring a security guard to patrol the parking lot could have been a sufficient deterrent that would have kept you safer.

The answers to these and other questions about similar situations can be answered by an experienced Atlanta premises liability attorney.