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Pedestrians in Georgia are at higher-than-average risk

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Personal injury |

Walking instead of driving is good for your heart and your budget, since owning a car can be very expensive. Frequent walks can also be good for your overall health, except that your risk of injury due to someone else’s decisions might be higher.

While you likely won’t cause a car accident as a pedestrian, you could always be injured by someone driving a motor vehicle. With weather that allows year-round walking, Georgia has plenty of pedestrians. Pedestrians in Georgia, including those in the Atlanta metro area, are at more risk than pedestrians in many other parts of the country.

Georgia and Atlanta statistics

When looking at data collected between 2010 and 2019, researchers found that the Atlanta area is 19th out of the 20 most dangerous places for pedestrians in the United States.  Georgia comes in as the ninth most dangerous state for pedestrians overall, with hundreds of preventable pedestrian crashes each year.

There is no explanation provided for the high rate of pedestrian crashes in the Atlanta metro area and in Georgia as a whole. Year-round walking may contribute to higher overall crash rates, but there are other states with warm climates where the risk is not as high.

Knowing that you have a greater possibility of getting struck by a vehicle while walking in Georgia than in many other states can help remind you to stay more focused on the task at hand. Pedestrians injured by irresponsible drivers and those who have lost a loved one in a pedestrian crash need to know their rights so that they can assert them.