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Gathering Witness Statements Helps Your Case

When a car crash occurs, a lot is likely going through your mind in that moment. Many times, gathering witness statements may be the furthest thing from your mind right after an accident, especially if there are injuries involved. However, gathering witness statements is a crucial part of being able to prove your personal injury case following a Georgia car accident. Having witnesses who can testify about how the accident was caused by another driver is a key aspect of winning your case.

Importance of Witness Testimony in Personal Injury Cases in Georgia

Taking down the names and contact information of potential witnesses is a hyper-critical part of the process following an accident. The testimony these witnesses could provide is invaluable to you and your attorney when it comes time to prove your case. Witnesses are important for many reasons:

  • Help Establish Fault: Many cases tend to be “he said, she said” between the two drivers involved, so other witnesses who can point to the other driver as being at fault is very helpful in winning your case. This helps add credibility to your side of the story and better convinces the judge and jury.
  • Admissions of Fault: Witnesses are often the first people to come into contact with the other driver. Immediately following an accident, under the stress of the moment, drivers are more likely to truthfully admit they were at fault before they realize lying may better protect their pocketbook.
  • Neutral Witnesses: A third-party witness, one who does not win or lose any money in the lawsuit, adds credibility to your side of the story because of that witness’s neutral status in the case. Juries are much more likely to believe a person who does not have a stake in the outcome of the case but rather is simply being asked, under oath, what happened that day.

How to Collect Witness Statements

Collecting witness statements is important, so the steps you take after an accident are also important. First, make sure that anyone who needs medical attention gets it, whether it is you, your passengers, or anyone else.

Once things are settled, talk to those around you and attempt to get their contact information if you can. Also, make sure the police arrive at the scene, as a police report will be a useful tool in proving your case. Encourage witnesses to speak to the police officers so their testimony can be contributed to the report.

If you spoke with anyone that you believe could be especially important and they said anything notable, make notes of what you heard, what was said, and be sure to date and save your notes. They could be used as evidence later, or at the very least, will make it easier to find the evidence you need.

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